Cadmous College

IB World School

Director's Message

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Cadmous College. We are an IB world school in Southern Lebanon and a leading education provider in the region.

For the past 10 years I have had the privilege and honor to serve you in the capacity of Cadmous College Superior supported by an excellent Senior Leadership Team of highly qualified and talented people. During this time, Cadmous College has grown and evolved and so did its needs. I am sure that they will continue the same journey we started ten years back earning Cadmous College even more feats.

We are a truly international school with highly qualified and experienced staff welcoming students of many nationalities. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class international and national education. Since its foundation in 1966, Cadmous College aims to be recognized as one of the leading schools in Lebanon offering students quality education. The school aims to create a society of students dedicated to the love of learning and maintaining this throughout their lives.

Relationships are the base of our success, and we encourage students, parents and staff to play an active role in our community. We aim to inspire all students to dream big, understanding that hard work is key to outstanding academic achievement. Equally important is the sense of belonging and students are offered many opportunities to participate and compete in activities to support their social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

We place a huge emphasis on developing students’ mindsets to encourage them to be positive, aspirational and resilient. They must develop self-belief and confidence. The concept of international-mindedness and the benefits of being a global lifelong learner are key attributes to achievement in an ever-changing world.

Our students benefit from a safe, nurturing environment where they are challenged to reach their potential and step out of their comfort zone, preparing them for the rigors of life ahead. Our core values permeate everyday life and lead many to describe us as “a happy school”. These embedded values allow students to become role models to each other and positive, well-grounded citizens who develop as future leaders capable of positively impacting our world.

The outstanding facilities, well-resourced and technologically advanced learning environments allow students and staff to explore learning in a variety of ways, personalizing learning to maximize the student experience.

Your confidence was the major factor that drove the school to where it is now. Your continued support and trust will ensure the continuous advancement and evolution of Cadmous College.

I encourage you to visit and experience Cadmous College for yourself to feel our culture. I am confident that you’ll be impressed by the students, staff and facilities. Our students are the leaders of the future and everything that we do is centered on their development in what are the most important years of their life.

I look forward to you joining our community!

God bless you all and Cadmous College!

Father Dr. Jean Younes (M.L.)