Cadmous College

IB World School

Kindergarten & Year 1

Mrs. Samar Costantine

Head of Kindergarten and Year 1

This department is essential as it admits children as young as three years old. At this age, children are not used to being in unfamiliar places except for their homes or occasional visits to daycare centers. For these children, school is a whole new world, and we must recognize the significance of our mission and the need for accurate attention to every educational task we undertake. This is particularly important with young learners who tend to mimic and reproduce what they see and hear.

The department's administration and teachers are committed to providing a nurturing environment and guidance for the healthy growth of children. They aim to explore the child's abilities and talents, allowing them to develop and shine. They provide the child with the skills and knowledge they need in a comfortable atmosphere that is free of pressure and exhaustion, enabling the child to show their true self. We believe that providing children with an accurate self-image is crucial for us to understand them better.

The primary duty of a kindergarten teacher is to establish a safe and comforting environment for the children, enabling them to communicate freely without anxiety and to engage in spontaneous activities without hesitation.

At the kindergarten and grade one departments, children receive academic education following the curriculum provided by the Educational Center for Research and Development. Students learn through the use of advanced technology and modern teaching methods under the guidance of specialized teachers.

The department places significant importance on recreational activities that complement the academic curriculum. These activities encourage children to use their creativity, develop their imagination and ingenuity, and express their opinions freely. Children also develop their physical and cognitive strength by playing with friends, participating in parties, going on trips, and engaging in various activities that help them discover new things and communicate more effectively with their environment. These activities also help children adapt to the school environment, enhance their willingness to learn, and foster the formation of all aspects of their personality in an atmosphere that is full of joy and love.