Cadmous College

IB World School

Primary (Years 2 to 6)

Mrs. Hayfa Mozaya

Head of Years 2 to 6

Students in this program follow the National Curriculum for Lebanon, which continues to build on the foundations that are established in Kindergarten and year 1.

Providing the required skills to tackle the ever-changing world is fundamental to the Primary School’s approach to providing the most challenging and exciting learning experiences for every child. We are committed to developing our children to become long life learners who understand their individual learning needs.

Our highly skilled and dedicated teachers fully appreciate what a privileged position they are in and what a significant difference they make to the lives of our children daily. They expertly ensure that lessons are adapted and personalized so that each child maximizes their progress and that there is the appropriate amount of stretch and challenge.

Cadmous College ensures that a comprehensive curriculum and an enriched extracurricular program is available, allowing our children the opportunity to develop their unique skills and talents and have the opportunity to showcase them.

The curriculum for the Primary School is based on the Lebanese National Curriculum, providing the required guidance and support children need to succeed both academically and socially. This is a rich blend of academic, social, physical, cultural, and artistic learning opportunities, covering all the major subject content focusing on the skills associated with each subject, as well as activities that are imperative for holistic development.

By the end of Year 6, our aim is that all students will have gained a well-rounded education. They will have matured through understanding and character development, have developed articulate expression and confidence, and will be well prepared for their secondary education.