Cadmous College

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Cadmous College provides an enriched education through both the National Curriculum for Lebanon and International Curriculum, empowering young minds to think creatively and exceed expectations.


Admission into Foundation Stage (KG1-KG3) is based on student assessments to determine school readiness. The school accepts students who are at the required age. Students will be evaluated based on a verbal interview. During the interview, the teacher observes the child’s pencil grip and recognition of colors and shapes. All students must be fully toilet trained before starting school.

The school psychologist is one of the most important members of a school team. She is the one who can offer direct educational, behavioral, and emotional services to students, to ensure a supportive learning environment that promotes academic growth. The psychologist is dedicated to guaranteeing the smooth trajectory of the learning experience.

Early intervention is critical for students with specific problems because it offers special emotional, behavioral, and educational services. This is to ensure that students will succeed in school and life overall. Many techniques and strategies are used by the school's psychologists to support students in their learning experiences. Some of these techniques are art therapy, game sessions, and meditation exercises.

In addition, the school psychologist should coordinate with teachers and parents at all times and provide them with proper recommendations and tips to deal with students who have specific problems and difficulties.

Primary, Elementary and Secondary School (Lebanese Program)

Cadmous College is a learning community bound together by the principles of respect, responsibility, and honesty. As such, Cadmous College accepts only students whose record demonstrates a clear commitment to these principles.

A. The Admissions Interview

Interviews are scheduled either after or before the assessment exams between the family and the Head of the School and/or the relevant division director, depending on the grade level. Interviews usually take place in person.

Each student’s interests and questions are important to us. Each applicant is encouraged to prepare a list of questions to ensure that we address the issues most important to them.

B. English or French Language Assessment

Cadmous College uses the English/French Language Assessment to determine the English/French level of students. All students of grades (1-12) enrolling in the school are required to sit for an entrance exam in English or French (based on the section student is applying to). Applicants must obtain a minimum score based on the grade to which they are applying.  This assessment is very important to make sure that students can meet curriculum expectations and succeed at Cadmous College. Cadmous College offers a special Program in grades 1-8 for students who require some English language support.

C. Other Assessments

Students in grades 1 to 12 will sit for placement tests in Mathematics and Arabic. For non-native speakers of Arabic, a special exam for non-Arabic speakers is given. Students requesting admission to grades 7-12 will sit for a proficiency exam in scientific subjects. The acceptance of the student is based on the results of the entrance exams, the reviews of the previous academic records and the personal interview.

International Programs

Cadmous College admits International and local students**. The school implements the International Program curriculum since September 2016. The school is an authorized school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. The IB program is open to all students, regardless of previous educational experience (students should meet the Ministry of Education’s requirements).

Our school has an excellent student-follow up system as its core is:
  • Planning and Preparing
  • Teaching Methods
  • Frequent and Regular Testing

Which allows gaps in students' knowledge to be detected and diagnosed.

Cadmous College has a set of fundamental prerequisites for candidates applying to our Pre-IB and IB Diploma Program. If the entrance requirements for the International Program (grade 11) cannot be met, applicants can enroll in Pre-IB courses during the summer that precedes the academic year.

Language Requirements

The language of instruction in the IB Program is English. Students aiming for admission to Cadmous College’s International IB branch whose first language is not English are expected to demonstrate a grade level mastery of the English Language.

**Any Lebanese student currently enrolled in the Lebanese Program (with or without a foreign passport) can switch to the IB Program after acquiring the Lebanese Brevet Official Certificate.

Admission Requirements (Pre-IB Y9 & Y10)

Pre-IB students must have completed year eight and demonstrate a positive attitude and a willingness to work consistently and effectively.