Cadmous College

IB World School

Intermediate (Years 7 to 9)

Father Jean Pierre Karam (M.L.)

Head of Years 7 to 9

The Elementary School years are an important time for students to not only learn fundamental concepts and mechanics but to also develop learning skills and approaches that will set the stage for a lifetime of success. Cadmous College Elementary focuses on children’s natural curiosity and encourages them to dig deep into topics and subject areas.

We include a variety of learning approaches, along with multi-sensory and hands-on activities that appeal to a variety of learning styles. These activities focus on children’s natural sense of curiosity and encourage students to explore and discover.

Our elementary school curriculum focuses on the various subject areas: English, Math, Science, Arabic, French, P.E, History, and Civics. Students will develop strong reading comprehension skills, write original composition pieces, develop critical thinking skills, learn fundamental math concepts, explore a variety of science topics, and learn about the world around them while maintaining a strong connection with the rich Arabic language.

Our engaging Elementary School curriculum will encourage our students to explore, discover, and excel while learning fundamental concepts that lead to academic success for years to come!