Cadmous College

IB World School

Lebanese Secondary

Father Dr. Jean Youness (M.L.)

Head of Lebanese Secondary

Lebanese Program (LP) offers an official unified curriculum with basic content established and approved by the Lebanese government.

The objectives of the Lebanese Curriculum are set by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in all subjects across all grade levels; however, as of Grade 1, English Language & Literature course is fulfilled in all grade levels, except elementary and secondary classes, through the American Textbooks that enrich the learning process.

The Lebanese Curriculum aims to:

  • Develop citizens with a comprehensive vision.
  • Shape well-rounded members of the community.
  • Create productive individuals capable of exercising their roles, rights, and duties nationally and internationally; and provide learners with a range of knowledge, skills, and ideals not only in understanding and gaining new perspectives socially and intellectually but also in scrutinizing and synthesizing the acquired information to expand the learner's horizons.

Thus, forming a solid, knowledgeable, and productive individual identity that prepares students to transition successfully and effectively into the college/university life/education in a satisfactory manner.

At the Secondary 2nd level, two streams are offered: Scientific and Sociology and Economics. At this level, students have the option to follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Prograe.

At the Secondary 3rd level, three streams are offered: General Science, Life Sciences, and Sociology and Economics.